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Participation in the first session of the National Assembly of the Supreme Assembly of Tajikistan


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The Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon took part in the first session of the sixth convocation of the National Assembly of Tajikistan.

Twenty-five members of the National Assembly were elected on March 27 and in accordance of his constitutional competence President Rahmon appointed one quarter of the members of the National Assembly on Wednesday. The National Assembly consists now of 31 members.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Constitutional Court Chairman, Chairman of the Supreme Court, Prosecutor General, Assistant to the President for Legal Affairs, Chairman of the Central Commission for Elections and Referenda and the Commissioner for Human Rights also took part.

Before the presidential address, members of the National Assembly discussed proposals made by its members, including one by Odilzoda Dilbar Rahim on to elect a member of National Assembly Rustami Emomali to the post of National Assembly Speaker. The proposal was approved unanimously.

The newly-elected Speaker in turn made his own proposal to elect  Ahmadzoda Rajabboy to the post of First Deputy and Fayzov Yodgor to the post of Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly.

The session closed with President Rahmon's speech which covered the important aspects of political, economic, social sphere as well as security threats and their prevention.


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